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06 June 2008 @ 11:48 am
Battle Step by Step Full MV + more vids  

credits to petitep21@yt

Another link.
I think somewhere in the middle.. it becomes out of sync >_O

credits to juhilove@soompi

Here are some other videos...

Mnet Wide News

Battle #2 on Naver Search

credits to juhilove@soompi
Minq: teuk shinexmare_imbrium on June 6th, 2008 12:53 pm (UTC)
Ryu looks amazing <333 I like Hwichan's hair lol. And Chris looks good as well.

But Lio = no comment. And I think Taehwa's hair is too short.

The PV could have been better, but I still love the song ^___^ Thanks for sharing! <3