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21 October 2009 @ 12:09 am
My game is: avalon_academy Format: LJ and AIM-based.
Contact me at: here or through private message.

Game info:
Founded by Professor Hyori, Avalon Academy is a safe haven for mutants. Though the world strives consistently for world peace, humans and mutants never really got along. As more and more mutants were discovered, hate rose along with fear, and discrimination of mutants spread to an extent where they were no longer able to lead normal lives in society. Avalon Academy was built for a few purposes, to keep the mutants safe from harm, to let them understand that they are unique individuals that have been gifted with special powers, and to give them a chance to interact with others of the same kind, while being able to learn to control and perfect their powers.

Wanted/needed muses: anyone related to KPOP

Anything else: Have fun. ;D
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