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★★배틀!! want yourL O V E;

Tell Me what you gonna do?

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어서오세요!! This is the first and only official LJ community for the 6-member Korean boy group BATTLE (배틀).

↘ You are free to post anything about Battle here, including pictures, recent news, video clips, fanart, fanfics, music videos, lives, icons, etc.

↘ Rules:
- Don't post anything unrelated to Battle.
- Use a cut when posting large pictures, videos, etc.
- No bashing; please be considerate of others.
- Advertising is allowed, but it has to be strictly related to Battle.
- Please don't post anything you are not allowed to redistribute in this community.
- Graphics are allowed, but no hotlinking (unless the user says otherwise).

↘ Battle is a six member boy group. If you watched the show "Let's CokePlay Battle Shinwa" sponsored by Good Entertainment, M-NET and Coca-Cola, you would have known these boys before their first debut performance on December 17, 2006. The special show was where Shinhwa (신화)'s members selected six young men out of a group of 12 finalists (from 1,800 applicants) to form the "next Shinhwa". The six were chosen by their singing, dancing, and endurance skills.

↘ The group members:

진태화 [Jin Tae Hwa]
class: vocal
birthdate: 1988.01.01
height / weight: 178cm / 63kg
blood type: AB
birthplace: 서울
schools: 흥덕초등학교, 봉명중학교, 영동고등학교 졸업
family: father, mother, older sister
shoe size: s70mm
hobbies: singing, dancing, basketball
talents: singing, dancing, basketball

박지운 // 리오 [Park Ji Woon (Lio)]
class: rap
birthdate: 1987.08.21
height / weight: 181cm / 68kg
bloodtype: B
birthplace: 서울
schools: 동의초등학교, 오주중학교, 중국 심천한국국제고등학교 3학년 재학중
family: father, mother, 2 younger brothers
shoe size: 270mm
hobbies: dancing, snowboarding, swimming
talents: chinese, rapping, dancing

신기현 [Shin Ki Hyun]
class: rap
birthdate: 1987.06.19
height / weight: 187cm / 76kg
blood type: B
birthplace: 서울
schools: 창동초등학교, 정발중학교, 정발고등학교 졸업
family: mother, younger sister
shoe size: 270mm
hobbies: gaming, listening to music, watching movies
talents: running endurance, singing, soccer

김태관 // 휘찬 [Kim Tae Kwan (Hwee Chan)]
class: vocal
birthdate: 1988.06.08
height / weight: 180cm / 65kg
bloodtype: AB
birthplace: 부산
schools: 가평초등학교, 중앙중학교, 브니엘예술고등학교 3학년
family: father, mother, younger sister
shoe size: 270mm
hobbies: gaming, cyworld
talent: singing

원승재 // 류 [Won Seung Jae (Ryu)]
class: rap
birthdate: 1987.04.18
height / weight: 185cm / 74kg
blood type: A
birthplace: 서울
school: 금북초등학교, 대경중학교, 장충고등학교 졸업
family: father, mother, younger sister
shoe size: 275mm
hobbies: making models, collecting clothes, watching acting, listening to music
talents: acting, dancing, swimming
careers: 2002년 8월 L'S 코리아 퍼슨스 모델 선발대회 동상 입상, 2003년 7월 신디 더 퍼키 모델 선발대회 입상, 2004년 2월 스마트 페스티벌 모델 선발 대회 대상 입상

정형록 // 크리스 [Jung Hyung Rok (Chris)]
class: vocal
birthdate: 1989.10.27
height / weight: 183cm / 68kg
blood type: B
birthplace: 서울
schools: burbank elementary school, ross middle school, torrance high school
family: father, mother, older brother
shoe size: 280mm
hobbies: singing, shopping, eating delicious food
talents: singing, cooking

↘ Links/Affliates:
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